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Taketh Me Away (The Girl Next Door Theatre Company)

By | Published on Friday 19 August 2011

Be taken back into the early 1990s when the band Take That had just rose to stardom. This is an account of a then-star-struck teenager on her obsession with Jason Orange and the rest of the boys. A comedy-drama featuring story-lines of death and broken relationships, this is so much more than a simple tale of a typical teenage crush. With its focus on solid acting, giving a voice to inner-most thoughts, this play epitomises theatrical minimalism at its best, and has its hilarious and heart-breaking moments, even drawing tears from the audience. It’s genuine and engaging enough, but with its subject matter, is not exceptionally mind-blowing. Enjoyable fare nevertheless, tickling the whims of 90s nostalgia.

Pleasance Courtyard, 3 – 29 Aug (not 15), 3.15pm (4.15pm), £7.50 – £10.00, fpp301.
tw rating 3/5