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Standing Count (Seconds Out Youth Theatre)

By | Published on Tuesday 9 August 2011

This show really packs a Tyneside punch. A vivacious cast brings the tale of Newcastle’s Kenny Hardwick to the boxing arena, a young teenager torn between his love of boxing and adolescent troubles. An energetic performance is supported by well-choreographed sequences and the seamless interchanging of roles, making the viewer believe in the tenacity of young Kenny’s struggle. The simplicity of the stage makes the lively portrayal all the more credible as the strength of the cast really shines. At times, the boxing scenes drag; it would have been enjoyable to explore Kenny’s relationships with others a little more. However, this fast-paced performance is like boxing’s version of Billy Elliot – a heart-warming and highly entertaining show.

C eca, 3-13 Aug, 1.00pm (1.55pm), £4.50- £8.50, fpp299.
tw rating 4/5