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Shylock (Assembly Theatre Presents Guy Masterson – Theatre Tours International)

By | Published on Tuesday 23 August 2011

Although a take on Shakespeare’s ‘The Merchant of Venice’, the main character in this intriguing one man show is not the infamous Skylock, but Tubal, the Jewish antihero’s friend – ultimately a smart decision as it means that Shylock can be represented in a much less biased light. The play does not only focus on Shylock the character, but also muses on Judaism, along with excerpts from the play. These extracts are essential, however, for an understanding of the play; indeed, the significance of Tubal’s broodings is often lost on an audience unfamiliar with the original play. If you know the play inside out, give this an extra star, but otherwise see it merely for its original concept.

Assembly Hall, 4 – 29 Aug (not 15), 3.45pm (5.00pm), £11.50 – £14.00, fpp296.
tw rating 3/5