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Roll Out The Beryl (Laurielorry Theatre)

By | Published on Saturday 27 August 2011

A delicately flavoured three-course meal is cooked, steamed, boiled and swirled by Beryl Reid. Elaine Pantling does a tasty job of portraying a variety of scenes from the life of the distinguished British comedy actress who died in 1996. The first course is served by the flamboyant Spanish waitress to two members of the stiff and starving British audience. The second course reveals a Chinese dish, with wonderful slapstick and chopsticks. Finally, she prepares a multi-layered pudding for her young friend Archie. A strange recipe of laughter, shoes and cocktail parties, on-stage cooking merges into a bit of an undistinguished flavour if you are not familiar with Beryl Reid, but this is highly recommended for fine connoisseurs of British humour.

Hill Street Theatre, 17 – 29 Aug, 5.30pm (6.45pm), £9.00 – £7.50, fpp293.
tw rating 4/5