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Rock ‘N’ Soul (Nuts)

By | Published on Tuesday 9 August 2011

Ed Brash has Gene Simmons’ egotism and a drug habit to match Pete Doherty. Therefore, with his untimely death and arrival in heaven by some form of coincidental drug-induced repentance, ‘Rock ‘n’ Soul’ has an undeniably inspired and comedic grounding. However, with additional romance and sabotage narratives, the overall concept is perhaps too ambitious for fifty minutes, rendering the play’s climax abrupt. While some performances are overly enthusiastic, and much of the humour derives from hapless character tropes, there are instances of sacrilegious punning where the writer’s talent is ably demonstrated. Judgmental Ann, intent on Ed’s expulsion from heaven, is a considered and noteworthy performance. An impressive effort displaying the potential of a talented young team.

C, 3-20 Aug, 12.30pm (1.20pm), £6.50-£9.50, fpp293.
tw rating 3/5