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Proper Night (OutHouse Collective)

By | Published on Tuesday 16 August 2011

Would you take drugs from a homeless man who’d just tried to eat you? Me neither, but the teenagers in ‘Proper Night’ do so after twenty minutes of the sort of unlikely events which only really happen in fiction. The drugs typify the problems with ‘Proper Night’, which is full of overblown reactions and excessive “SHOUTING!” in lieu of emoting. However, the more sensible sections are well-observed and well-acted. Dorky hanger-on Derek is great, with the script largely convincing in its depiction of teenage alienation, and the ending is truly wicked. ‘Proper Night’ could do with tightening in some places and being toned down in others, but it’s certainly an enjoyable production despite its minor faults.

Princes Mall, 6 – 12 Aug, 1.00pm (2.00pm), free, fpp290.
tw rating 3/5