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PoeZest (Edgar Allan Poe IV)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

When the failing American actor (also known as Edgar Allen Poe IV) bustled onto the stage pretending to be late and suffering from jetlag, I was sceptical. The start of the show was slightly painful to watch, with poor jokes and an unconvincing act starring his wife, son and stage manager. However, there was a surprising change in standard when the actor transformed into the writer; the performance took on a more serious tone, the acting was fairly good, and the show marginally improved. On the whole though, it seemed to drag on for too long and Poe’s stories frequently turned into vague rambles. Unless you are a huge Poe fan, I wouldn’t be wholly happy recommending this.

theSpace at Jury’s Inn, 15 – 20 Aug, 12.45pm (1.55pm), £4.00 – £6.00, fpp288.
tw rating 2/5