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Othello (DugOut Theatre)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

Othello was drenched with the sweaty evidence of a clearly demanding (and, on the whole, accomplished) performance. Though never appearing all that obviously heroic – and this did dampen the tragedy somewhat – in the depths of his madness, he achieved a truly commanding presence. Emilia’s performance was highly perceptive and potentially stage-stealing, far outshining the disappointingly vapid Desdemona, while the worryingly fresh-faced Iago proved a most marvellous sociopath in a towering, relaxed and highly nuanced performance. The desire to modernise the original iambic pentameter sometimes resulted in rushed, indecipherable speech, and actors steamrollered over occasional lines in pursuit of a more contemporary delivery. However, slight hiccups aside, this was a stunning retelling by a frighteningly strong cast.

Zoo Roxy, 5 – 20 Aug, 6.45pm (8.45pm), £8.00, fpp287.
tw rating 4/5