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One Thousand And One Nights – Part One (Edinburgh International Festival / Dash Arts)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

We all know of the beautiful stories woven by a young woman to save her life from her evil husband, but this lavish telling is quite different: an authentic blend of the gritty violence, sex and silliness missing from our sanitised, child-friendly versions. The tales are split into two parts, with each forming a distinct performance. Part One introduces Shahrazad’s dilemma and begins the telling of tales, weaving plots within plots with captivating sensuality. This is storytelling on a truly epic scale, with Part One alone boasting a three-hour running length. Although it’s a fantastic performance, one does feel grateful to finally emerge into the cool night air. Do not try to do both parts in one day.

Royal Lyceum Theatre, dates and times vary, £10.00 – £36.00, eifpp20.
tw rating 4/5