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Oedipus: A Love Story (Dumbshow)

By | Published on Tuesday 9 August 2011

There is nothing nicer in the world than entering a Fringe venue and being greeted by a flock of lovely Welsh sheep. A cosy opening. What follows is perhaps a bit too cosy. Eyebrows may be raised by a gender-bending sphinx, not to mention the really twisted matter of the Oedipus story, but at its heart, this production is mostly playful; while Dumbshow have created an hour or so of real pleasure, they do not offer real tragedy. So the absence of comic irony when Oedipus addresses the plague-stricken people of Thebes, or blinds himself over the body of Jocasta (his motherlover) is strange. The most complex complex, the original mofo, and yet – more sheep, please!

C soco, 3 – 16 Aug, 2:15pm (3.30pm), £5.50 – £11.50, fpp 285.
tw rating 3/5