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Noh No Noh (F.337)

By | Published on Tuesday 30 August 2011

The Noh tradition is, I’ll admit, not one I know well, and this hampered my enjoyment of ‘Noh No Noh’. Drawing upon Yukio Mishima’s Modern Noh Plays, ‘Noh No Noh’ examines love, life and death through the lens of waiting. The stylised acting and unintelligible character motivations may have made sense to Noh aficionados, but they left me rather cold and uninspired. Yuki Ikezawa did manage to convey a startlingly beautiful sense of madness and obsession using just a mask and fan in a performance that made me want to see her cut loose from her stylistic bonds. Sadly, the other two cast members did not bring such an affecting clarity to their roles. Just say “Noh”. (Sorry.)

C soco, 17 – 29 Aug, 2.35pm (3.35pm), £4.50 – £9.50, fpp283.
tw rating 2/5