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Malfi (The Offshoots In Association With Lancaster University Theatre Group)

By | Published on Sunday 28 August 2011

‘Malfi’ mixes the airs and grace of 16th century Italy with the highly stylised and sophisticated qualities of noir film. This adaption of John Webster’s ‘The Tragedy Of The Duchesse Of Malfy’, is brought to life in a smoky Jazz bar where wine flows, femmes fatale roam and smooth criminals undoubtedly rule. It is a ghoulish and tragic tale about a widowed duchess forbidden to remarry by her cruel and corrupt brothers. Yet in a secret albeit condemned ceremony, she weds her steward and lover Antonio. The troupe bring their intriguing version of events to the table, and although some extra lighting is needed in places, the strong performances and support of a marvellous jazz band maintain a powerful ambience throughout.

Bedlam Theatre, 22 – 27 Aug, 11.05am (12.05pm), £6.50 – £8.00, fpp278.
tw rating 4/5