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Love’s Labour’s Lost And Found (Five One Productions)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

Welcome to ‘Love’s Labour’s Lost And Found’, the new show that brings back togetherness. No matter if it is the newly wed couple who are already cheating on each other, the long-married pair who suffer from immense boredom, or the wife accusing her husband of cheating with his secretary (spotting any clichés yet?) – our hosts can solve any problems. In a well-presented show, they give a splendid imitation of real-life television, speaking in high-pitched and entertaining American voices whilst the guests change roles by the minute and portray all of them believably. The show is interrupted by two clever commercial breaks, and we see only happily-ever-afters: a funny show that will keep you laughing through and after.

C eca, 17 – 29 Aug, 10.55pm (11.50pm), £9.50 – £6.50, fpp277.
tw rating 3/5