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Lost In Mozart (Angry Young Men)

By | Published on Friday 12 August 2011

Brimming with ideas, Angry Young Men’s play mixes a string quartet with gangster rap in a homage to West Side Story. Unfortunately the play doesn’t live up to the promise of the premise; many of its ideas seem rough and undeveloped: it crowbars in the quartet’s presence with a throwaway line in the first scene, and by token of setting the play in London’s Mozart estate. The by-the-numbers plot progression feels less like a homage than a straight lift, and although it has a ripe setting, it feels as though the contrasting themes of classical versus rap and art versus violence could have been better staged; too often they were viewed in isolation rather than in opposition.

theSpaces on North Bridge, 5 – 27 Aug (not 7, 14, 21), 11.45am (12.45pm) £6.50 – £8.50, fpp277.
tw rating 2/5