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Look / Alive (Penn Theatre Ensemble)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

An interesting concept, ‘Look/Alive’ comprises of a series of classical tales and myths told through a combination of movement and dance. However, this slow-paced show fails to captivate the audience and elevate us to anything beyond a bedtime story for children. The plot combines a series of stories within stories, which can be baffling at times as the shift from tale to tale isn’t always apparent. Indeed, it was confusing at one point as to whether I was watching the tale of Narcissus or Pygmalion. However, the cast are competent and enthusiastic enough with their performances, but maybe focusing on just a couple of tales rather than so many would create a better flow. Less is more, after all.

Paradise In Augustine’s, Aug 16 – 20, 1.15pm (2.40pm), £3.00 – £4.50, fpp276.
tw rating 2/5