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Kafka And Son (Richard Jordan Productions Ltd / Theaturtle / Threshold in association with Assembly)

By | Published on Sunday 21 August 2011

Alon Nashman’s powerful performance as Kafka, and at times his much-feared father, cannot be faulted. Moving around the stage with grace, he has most of his audience totally enraptured. Indeed, it’s the human physicality of this piece, vile and beautiful, that is truly impressive. Nashman manipulates his clever set so that it both moves fluidly with his body, and ferociously against it, entrapping him in clear metaphor for Kafka’s feelings towards his father. The combination of wire and black feathers, used in various ways, lends the set a sense of no man’s land. Clearly, Kafka feels like no man by his father’s standards. The script lost me at times and the pace occasionally dropped, but largely a dauntingly good production.

Assembly George Square, 3 – 28 Aug (not 17), 5.05pm (6.05pm), £9.00 – £11.00, fpp273.
tw rating 4/5