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Jack’s Story: Ripper Or Not? (The Actas Company)

By | Published on Monday 22 August 2011

This may be his story, but Jack doesn’t have much to say for himself in this retelling of the Ripper murders. Though the eponymous serial killer delivers some monologues with a bag on his head and gets to twirl his cloak impressively in the dry ice every so often, largely the focus of this play is on his victims, the streetwalkers of Whitehall. A female-centred production about Jack the Ripper certainly has the potential to be interesting: it’s unfortunate then that it is difficult to tell the characters apart except by the varying quality of their cockney accents. The main things to enjoy in this production are one impressively gruesome prop and lots of dry ice.

Paradise in The Vault, 7 – 13 Aug, 3.55pm (4.45pm), £6.00 – £7.50, fpp272
tw rating 2/5