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Hammerpuzzle’s Measure For Measure (Hammerpuzzle Theatre Company / PBH’s Free Fringe)

By | Published on Saturday 27 August 2011

Shakespeare is on MacDonald’s menu today and it’s just as you like it: juicy hamletburgers, Big Macbeths – “Do you want Merry Fries of Windsor with that?” – and frothy milkshakespeares. ‘Hammerpuzzle’s Measure For Measure’ may not be everyone’s idea of a happy meal, but at 50 minutes long and completely free of charge, it is certainly one of the fastest and cheapest Shakespeare shows at this Festival. Modern costumes thrust this production into the 21st century whilst live music provides an original, unobtrusive chorus to the action. However, so much attention is given to ‘reinventing’ Shakespeare that the acting – which should give the production its biggest flavours – is (excluding the Duke’s and Lucio’s performances) disappointingly one-dimensional. Decent theatrical fast-food, but not gourmet.

Princes Mall, 15 – 25 Aug, 1.00pm (1.50pm), free, fpp268.
tw rating 3/5