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By | Published on Saturday 27 August 2011

I walked into the show a bit of a doubting Thomas – a very intense character named Sarah Woodings had greeted us in the foyer. I left the theatre thinking if only the cast had enjoyed it more. The central narrative was perhaps an obvious story, but their storytelling was innovative and entertaining. Their recreation of photos is particularly effective, which is a testament to the cast’s characterisation. However, the cast breaking character to tell us what photos meant to them simply felt forced. The lighting was also distracting, and the performances would benefit from a constant light source on them so they are visible. This showed all the signs of a first show with tensions running high.

theSpaces On North Bridge, 15 – 27 Aug, 2.40pm (3.25pm), £4.00 – £5.00, fpp264.
tw rating 3/5