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Fetch (Twa Dugs Theatre Company)

By | Published on Friday 19 August 2011

‘Fetch’ transcends the clichés of what it means to be a Scottish man. Instead of revelling in the football violence and alcoholism seemingly often present in Scottish drama, communication and family are the centrepiece of this moving tale. It borders on the surreal as the two young Scottish actors play with puppets and deliver the works of Rabbie Burns with a gusto that would have made the bard proud, yet there is no tartanry, just an honest attempt to make human connections. If you haven’t spent much time in Scotland, you’ll really have to listen to understand everything they’re saying; but even if you can’t glean any of the script, the pure sound of the language and the poetry is well worth the price of admission.

Greenside, 5 – 27 Aug (not 14, 21), 12.40pm (1.30pm), £5.00 – £7.00, fpp262.
tw rating 4/5