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Far (American High School Theatre Festival)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

A high-school play is seldom anything else. Rarely appealing to non-family audiences, it demonstrates only the rawest of stage talent. Kuhn’s production begins in a typically shaky manner but builds itself up as a sweet, almost Godot-like story of a girl’s vain search for the meaning of life. Slightly unoriginal perhaps, but the actresses balance it out with admirable conviction. Warm lighting and colourful design pave the path for a rosy conclusion. This performance, however, has kernels of something different. Whilst comedy is at the helm, these young actresses prove themselves as very powerful tragedians. Please don’t read the programme blurb – it deadens the climax’s blow. This high-school play is certainly something much greater.

theSpaces at Surgeons Hall, 8 – 11 Aug, times vary, £5.00, fpp261.
tw rating 4/5