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En Route To The Enormous Room (Bald Robin and Mince’s Music)

By | Published on Sunday 14 August 2011

Reverent musical of ee cummings’ war experiences, staged as a classic BBC radio drama, formal dress and all. To some extent, this excuses Leo Robb’s overacting as being historically accurate. In hindsight, Cummings’ poetry has been demanding musical arrangement – Graham Robb’s originals, sung quivering quavering timeless by Ailsa Mooney, are great. Oddly genreless – neither swing nor cabaret nor dance – his medley of subverted patriotic ditties and ‘Madame de la Mort’ are particularly powerful. Unfortunately, the plot and acting combine to make our heroes look self-righteous. They tote bravado rather than bravery, even with racism and bellowing irrationality as villains. ‘En Route’ is noble but simplistic, contained in its line: “I will not kiss your fucking flag!”.

The Jazz Bar, 4 – 27 Aug, 6.45pm (8.30pm), £6.00, fpp 260.
tw rating 3/5