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Deep Waters (Springboard Theatre Company / University Of Gloucestershire)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

Springboard Theatre Company’s devised performance, based around the floods in southern England in 2007, broaches pertinent issues of ecocide and environmental collapse. Though the ensemble performance uses a punchy mix of audiovisual theatre, dance and music to manifest symbols of flooding and wreckage, it’s just too cluttered with ideas, meaning any narrative created is too underdeveloped and hard to latch on to. Instead of exploring so many different interpretations of the floods, it may have been better to examine one aspect and then allude to others. The sentimental elements feel like bombshells and the relationships are predictable; yet the choreography, script and use of props are all excellently worked and composed. Great idea, just needs more work.

theSpace at Symposium Hall, 8 – 13 Aug, 5.05pm (5.50pm), £5.00 – £6.00, fpp255.
tw rating 3/5