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Dead Dad Dog (Quids In Theatre Company)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

A young man is visited by the ghost of his father on the day of an important interview. The father’s disdain when taken to a night-club in the evening is well-acted, but relies too much on the predictable clichés of generational divide to elicit anything more than a conspiratorial titter. The script is occasionally mundane, and there is no real surprise in plot: the show begins and ends as a light-hearted play on a visitation story – of the variety one might expect from an episode of ‘Father Ted’. It lacks in seriously affecting drama, and aspects of the performance are a bit throwaway; still, it’s a hearty and entertaining show that makes up in charm what it lacks in professionalism.

theSpaces On The Mile, 5 – 13 Aug (not 7), 7.05pm (7.55pm), £5.00 – £6.00, fpp254.
tw rating 3/5