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Chaos (ACE Productions)

By | Published on Tuesday 23 August 2011

The lives of three women unravel before our eyes in Mika Myllyaho’s grim comedy as they grapple with globalisation, the modern world and their own private passions. This is a female ‘Fight Club’ meets Alexander McCall Smith, by way of women’s magazines. As the women deal with their middle-class issues, egotistical passions that lurk underneath – with the help of a little alcohol – come bursting forth. Sophia is frustrated at work, Emmy’s daughter is being taken from her after an act of drunken violence, and Julia is dating a married movie-lover with a split personality. Three women play all the roles, male and female, with the scenes where Julia tries to deal with her lover’s two manifestations being particularly hilarious.

Pleasance Courtyard, 3 – 29 Aug (not 15), 1.50pm (3.00pm), £9.00 – £11.00, fpp248.
tw rating 4/5