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Banter Into Bed (Z Theatre Company)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

It’s ‘Hollyoaks’ on stage: the girls are fit, the lad’s a ‘lad’ and the whole thing’s overly sexualised. Unlike ‘Hollyoaks’, with its issues and telephone numbers to call at the end, ‘Banter Into Bed’ offers no such moral edge. The entire plot is vacuous; Catherine doesn’t want a boyfriend but her mum thinks she needs one in order to leave home once she graduates. So follows attempted hijinx as Catherine fails to find a man in a lesbian bar, and then comes under the instruction of aforementioned ‘lad’, who espouses making the person you want feel terrible about themselves. There was no real conclusion; I left still cringing from a dildo joke performed to a front-row of elderly couples. Grim.

theSpace On Niddry St, 8 – 18 Aug (not 14), times vary, £3.00 – £5.00, fpp241.
tw rating 1/5