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Agnes Of God (BLAC Theatre)

By | Published on Sunday 21 August 2011

This is not light theatre. ‘Agnes of God’ tells a bleak story of sexual abuse, anorexia, death and religion, and is executed superbly in this restrained and tense production. Alanna Flynn is superb as Agnes, treading the line between hysterical and calmly innocent with skill, never overacting even in the most difficult scenes of tortured remembrance. While the performance occasionally lacks fluidity, especially in the earlier exchanges between Dr Livingstone and the Mother Superior, its gripping descent into agony later in the performance is chilling and impossible to look away from, both exhausting and transfixing in equal measure. For anyone tired of light comedy looking for something more powerful and intimate, this is the show to see.

Paradise In The Vault, 8 – 29 Aug (not 15, 22), 5.30pm (6.45pm), £6.00, fpp236.
tw rating 4/5