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A View From The Fridge (Foolproof Theatre Company)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

It’s a warm setting for a charming evening on a dreich night in Edinburgh. Sitting down with a fine cup of coffee, relaxing, just out of the rain, you lean back and breathe deeply… Then an annoying woman in the corner starts out with her loud, squeaky voice and you just go, “Oh no.” But then the woman gets up and launches into a most delightful half-hour of stories and jokes – a lot of local humour, brilliantly delivered, but the singing is a bit on the irritating side. Lacking a fridge, she is presenting her manifesto from the cool box. Thoughts on muffins, M&S (yes, she is a “Marksist”) and cheese-and-pickle sandwiches round up the night nicely.

Fredericks Coffee House, 11 – 12 Aug, 7.00pm (7.50pm), fpp309.
tw rating 4/5