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A Mid-Semester Night’s Dream (For Puck’s Sake) (Ginger Tom Theatre Co in association with Bungay High School)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

Owing more to ‘The Hangover’ than Shakespeare, Ginger Tom take an unsubtle approach to say the least. There’s barely a nod to the bard – unless you count the mangled poetry – but there is a streak of appealingly infantile humour on display. With the characters recast as spoilt students, the company seems to be on familiar ground, creating enthusiastically grotesque caricatures. But their histrionic squabbling starts to grate long before local dealer Perdita turns up to administer her love potion – a cocktail of Viagra, MDMA and “Fairyland Skunk” – this development doesn’t change the characters in the slightest apart from the resulting erections. Though it’s crude, mechanical and unoriginal, at least the performers are having fun making asses of themselves.

theSpaces On The Mile, 5 – 13 Aug (not 7, 8), 5.00pm (5.50 pm), £3.00 – £5.00, fpp280.
tw rating 2/5