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A Day In November (Rumen Gavanozov of Theater Atelie 313)

By | Published on Thursday 11 August 2011

‘A Day In November’ is a puppet show for adults about getting older and saying goodbye. The show features two memorable characters, only one of which is made from latex and wood; the other character is the puppeteer, Gavanozov, who, despite being no ventriloquist, plays the character of the old man so convincingly that the interaction between puppeteer and puppet was touching, utterly realistic and subtly humorous – although perhaps more humorous for another audience member, who guffawed inappropriately throughout. Puppets usually creep me out, but despite looking a lot like Gollum, this one was wholly loveable. Even if puppetry isn’t your thing, you’re bound to find this show funny and heart warming.

Zoo Southside, 5 – 29 Aug, 17.00pm (18.00), £8.50, fpp254.
tw rating 4/5