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Will They See Me (Fair Play Productions)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

I’m not sure if this show’s intention was to parody group therapy, but this is the impression one gets from spending nearly an hour with these five frustratingly bizarre characters. But then, it could also be an attempt to explore behavioural problems, body image, insecurities, or self-censorship; there’s far too much going on to be sure. The dismal lack of coherent plot and clear meaning reaches its most random point when one character is handed a pineapple which she then offloads on an audience member. Often the patchy narrative seems little more than an excuse for all the half-decent physical sequences, while the contrast between movement and static therapy makes the latter appear more dull. Avoid.

Greenside, 22 – 27 Aug, 2.45pm (3.35pm), £6.00 – £7.50, fpp179.
tw rating 1/5