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Stück / Piece (Caroline Simon)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

In a way, this isn’t one performance but two. There’s the one we actually watch, in which Caroline Simon dances alone across an empty stage, without music, set, partners or any but the most basic lights. And there’s the show she’s describing to us as she dances: a lavish spectacle involving lasers, horses and a 200-strong children’s choir, focused on a beautiful pas a deux between Simon and her now absent partner. Absence in general is the real subject of the piece, which develops from something seemingly abstract into a touching story about a dancer losing her partner. It’s cerebral and somewhat arch but also powerfully moving, beautiful and even surprisingly funny, and Simon is an extremely impressive performer.

Dance Base, 5 – 20 Aug (not 8, 15), 6.00pm (6.45pm), £7.00, fpp177.
tw rating 4/5