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Sriyah (Edinburgh International Festival / The Nrityagram Dance Ensemble)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

‘Sriyah’ is a magnificent look into the ancient traditions and beauty of India; combining music, dance, and traditional costume, this collection of selected works is truly majestic. Each dancer moves with grace and sensuality, telling stories of love, passion, and beauty, and the flawless coordination of the dancers suggests extensive practice and passion, and true respect for the Indian tradition. The vibrancy of the costumes delightfully matches the vibrancy of the dance and emotion felt with each fluid movement, so that this magical piece transports the audience to a nearly forgotten, or otherwise unknown, world of music and dance. ‘Sriyah’ is undoubtedly an incredible piece, which has the power to make the modern world around you disappear with each movement.

King’s Theatre, 26 – 29 Aug, times vary, £12.00 – £30.00, eifpp12.
tw rating 5/5