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Pinocchio: A Fantasy Of Pleasures (Company XIV)

By | Published on Friday 12 August 2011

Carved from a block of wood, Pinocchio springs to life, bouncing and jittering around the stage. Far from a tiny Italian village, the world into which he is born is decadent and majestic, filled with sumptuous Venetian masks and intricate, twirling red ribbons. Yet once the puppet dares to delve into the realm of “Pleasure Island”, his surroundings begin to resemble a dark and seedy biker’s club, with dominatrices cracking leather whips. An artistic delight, this neo-baroque production is a ravishing fusion of opera, ballet, commedia dell’arte, street dance, burlesque, and Fellini-inspired surrealism. Indulge your visual and aural fantasies with this extravagant performance packed with spectacular pirouetting and sensual, seamless movement. The fairytale is reinvented magnificently.

New Town Theatre, 4 – 28 Aug, 7.00pm (8.10pm), £12.00 – £14.00, fpp175.
tw rating 4/5