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Flynch, Looking (Clout)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

In a room of swirling furniture and bodies, Lecoq-trained Clout tell the tale of the unfortunate Flynch, rejected by his girlfriend and seeking solace in a seaside hotel where he encounters a wonderfully peculiar group of characters. Driven by physical performance, the piece uses fantastically clever techniques to express the narrative, such as the fast-forwarded scene and the use of actors to impersonate telephones and beds. However, while these movements are amusing, the silliness seems at odds with Flynch’s sad predicament and prevent us from fully sympathising with him. Physically, the performance is quite beautiful, but the slightness of length and failure to convince emotionally leaves the piece far short of being truly stunning.

Zoo, 5 – 29 Aug (not 16), 8.15pm (9.15pm), £6.00 – £8.00, fpp 171.
tw rating 3/5