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ThreeWeeks’ Editors’ Awards to be presented tomorrow

By | Published on Saturday 27 August 2011

Editors' Awards

More awards now, and the ThreeWeeks editors will tomorrow morning announce the winners of this year’s Editors’ Awards, at an informal event at the Carlton Hotel on North Bridge at 11am. Now in their seventh year, the awards celebrate the ten things that the editors of ThreeWeeks think made that year’s festival extra special. There are no specific categories, and shows, performers, companies, venues, initiatives and even whole festivals may be chosen for the honour.

Says ThreeWeeks co-Editor Chris Cooke: “There are so may awards at the Edinburgh Festival, for years we resisted adding to them. But then, at our tenth festival in 2005, we decided to launch the Editors’ Awards, which we feel complement all of the other Fringe prize givings”.

He continues: “We are not specifically looking to celebrate any one genre or strand, and we didn’t want to confine ourselves to fixed categories. What we wanted was the opportunity to throw a spotlight on some of the things we feel help make the Fringe the most exciting cultural festival in the world. Some of our winners will be newcomers, some will be Festival veterans, some will be well known, others will be unsung heroes. But they will all have contributed in making this year’s Fringe one of the best ever”.

All performers and promoters at the Fringe are invited to attend the presentation of the Editors’ Awards at the Carlton Hotel’s Highland Suite on Sunday 27 Aug at 11am. The winners will also be announced at www.ThreeWeeks.co.uk/awards and in a special edition of the ThreeWeeks iDaily.