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Stand-up Mirza attacked while flyering

By | Published on Sunday 21 August 2011

Jeff Mirza

A Fringe comedian was injured while flyering near the Royal Mile this weekend. Jeff Mirza was dressed up as Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi when a passer-by threw a glass bottle at the back of his head. It’s not clear if the attack occurred because the man took offence at Mirza’s costume, or for some other reason. According to Chortle, it’s thought the attacker had asked Mirza for a cigarette shortly before the bottle was thrown.

Having reported the attack to the local police force, Mirza told reporters: “The Edinburgh Police were extremely helpful and have taken evidence from the scene. Most people at the Fringe get the joke of me being dressed up as a washed-up dictator trying to sell the show. I want to thank the Fringe-goers for taking my on-street portrayal of the Gaddafi character in the right way. The attacker in no way represents the vast majority of Fringe audiences”.

According to Mirza’s statement, the bottle thrower was white, slender build, average height, wearing a stone washed grey T shirt, early 30s with a tattoo on the back of his neck. Lothian & Borders Police told Chortle they are treating the incident as a minor assault and do not believe it was racially motivated.