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Rosie Wilby adds Fringe mishaps to her diary

By | Published on Monday 8 August 2011

Rosie Wilby

Well, the show must go on, as they say, though the Fringe gods are testing the patience of comedian and ThreeWeeks favourite Rosie Wilby, who has been recalling the traumas of her 2011 Festival experience so far to ThreeWeeks.

Says Rosie: “For the rest of the year I love my life as a comedian. And yet every August I feel that fate is telling me to give up. When I arrived I joked that my posters wouldn’t have turned up. We got to the venue. My posters had not turned up. And when they did, they had been carefully placed in the dampest corner of the venue and were mostly ruined, turned into a strange mulch that one could make a model of a frustrated Fringe performer out of”.

She continues: “Then when we’re doing our tech we noticed a strange box hanging out of the wall with lots of exposed wire and warning notices saying ‘do not touch’. It decides to blow up a few minutes into my first performance and we have no sound. I carry on regardless of the tech men diving around on stage at my feet unplugging cables and causing loud popping and exploding sounds. Half of the audience cannot see. The venue projector and screen are not working either. Fortunately Joe Bor has let us borrow his – however the screen is placed so that I’m directly in front of it for everyone to my right. Handily they can watch a tiny version of my PowerPoint display on my laptop screen”.

Wilby has form when it comes to Fringe disasters. In 2010 someone connected to her show died, in 2009 her girlfriend dumped her just before the opening of a show on love and relationships, and in 2007 the play she was involved in was pulled after just two performances. Though, she notes, compared to that lot 2011 isn’t shaping up too badly: “In the grand scheme of life, missing posters, tech problems and losing thousands of pounds don’t really matter. But I would’ve liked to have one enjoyable Edinburgh. Perhaps there’s still time!”

To find out what Rosie’s 2011 show is actually about, check out our interview with her, here online or in the Week 1 weekly edition. The show, ‘Rosie’s Pop Diary’, is on at The Tron each day at 6.20pm.