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Malcolm Hardee Award shortlists announced

By | Published on Wednesday 24 August 2011

Malcolm Hardee Week

But what about the really important Edinburgh Fringe comedy awards, aka the Malcolm Hardee Comedy Awards, this year being staged as part of a whole week of events in honour of the late great comedy godfather?

Well, the shortlists for those are out too, and here they are, complete with notes from the awards’ organisers…

Malcolm Hardee Award For Comic Originality
Doctor Brown for oddness beyond necessity and comedy beyond reason.
James Hamilton as the odd writer, producer, director, actor and creator of ‘Casual Violence’.
Bob Slayer for going beyond OTT into uncharted areas of comedy excess.
Johnny Sorrow for simply being a bizarre act Malcolm Hardee would have loved.

The Cunning Stunt Award For Best Fringe Publicity Stunt
Tim Fitzhigham for breaking multiple bones and damaging bone marrow in pursuit of comedy.
Sanderson Jones for selling all his show tickets only to people he himself has met.
Kunt And The Gang for pushing his sticky penis stunt way beyond what seemed possible.

The Act Most Likely To Make A Million Quid Award
Benet Brandreth, because if he doesn’t make a million quid as a performer, he’ll make it as a lawyer.
Josh Widdecombe, possibly the new Michael McIntyre.

The winners of this year’s Malcolm Hardee Awards will be announced on Friday night at 10pm at The Counting House.