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The Kist (Fiona Kennedy, Marcus Hummon and Outstanding Singers and Musicians)

By | Published on Friday 19 August 2011

“Music is the stitching of the fabric of our lives,” claims this performance of music loosely inspired by Scottish folk music, which, despite the apparent variation on offer, ended up sounding all too similar. While the performances themselves are technically excellent, the whole performance lacks energy, a situation hardly helped by a script discussing Scottish history in a patronisingly cheesy way. The songs themselves are catchy enough, but this performance fails to represent any of the true passion of the music of Scotland, mainly by choosing to represent it through the medium of its interpretation by lilting American pop music. Even a performance of the Proclaimers’ seminal ‘500 Miles’ seems lifeless, which is an impressively hard thing to achieve.

New Town Theatre, 4 – 21 Aug, 9.00pm (10.15pm), £15.00, fpp227.
tw rating 2/5