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Nine – The Musical

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

The stage was littered with rows of white chairs; it should have immediately indicated the stultifying, sedentary and lacklustre performance which was to follow. A troupe of ill-clad women trooped onstage, sang, sat down… and then continued to sit statically for what seemed like the entire performance. The accents were questionable, often sounding more Eastern European than Italian, and the show was lacking almost entirely in the Italian passion which made it (and Guido) such a notorious success. Though the chorus was sporadically great, the voices showed signs of tiredness from Carla especially, but Luisa’s talented, velveteen voice invigorated what was a flagging performance, making the whole thing not totally unbearable. Frequently bored, I was glad when it ended.

Paradise In Augustine’s, 8 – 13 Aug, 6.40pm (8.10pm), £8.00 – £10.00, fpp229.
tw rating 2/5