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Hitler! The Musical (TL Musical Theatre)

By | Published on Sunday 21 August 2011

The name of Adolf Hitler isn’t exactly a byword for musical comedy gold. Still, TL Musical Theatre have managed to produce an entire show about the life and times of the world’s most famous Führer – and, impressively, it mainly hits the mark. It’s horrifically offensive, of course, but that goes without saying. High points include a wonderful retelling of the Beer Hall Putsch in the style of the ‘Fresh Prince’, and a gospel-choir rendition of the Night of the Long Knives, though there are a few too many tired jokes about modern technology. Not for those of a delicate nature; but if the concept doesn’t put you off, you’ll probably love it.

Gryphon Venues at The Point Hotel, 8 – 20 Aug (not 14), 3.00pm (4.00pm), £6.00 – £7.00, fpp226.
tw rating 3/5