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Miracles At Short Notice (bstproductions)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

This new musical based on the works of Saki takes all the subtlety and subtext of his brilliantly satirical works and throws it into the face of the audience. Almost every song achieves nothing but stating what has already been revealed by the spoken word, and the way they are performed does nothing to distract from this. While this production does occasionally shine for periods between songs, this is almost entirely due to the deftness and humour of Saki himself, whose words form the verbal backbone of this show. Finally, a bizarre moralising turn at the end of the production leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of anyone who has ever appreciated the dark irreverence of the original prose.

Gryphon Venues at The Point Hotel, 14 – 20 Aug, 10.20pm (11.30pm), £9.00, efpp231.
tw rating 2/5