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The Alleycats: A Capella With Attitude (The Alleycats)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

For a group of young people with great voices, ‘A Cappella With Cattitude’ is lame. From their matching (but personalised!) outfits to the title’s naff play-on-words, this show is just no fun. Yes, their vocal arrangements were complex and well-rehearsed and in tune and in time and basically perfect in every way; but The Alleycats didn’t make singing in a choir look particularly cool. In fact, they came across like the squarest bunch of kids ever – too uptight to look comfortable dancing on stage and too serious to pull off the pop music they had arranged. It was a real shame because they’re clearly a talented ensemble – just totally lacking in the ‘cattitude’ (sigh) promised.

C, 14 – 26 Aug (not 22), 4.45pm (5.35pm), £5.50 – £11.50, fpp193.
tw rating 2/5