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St Michael And All Saints Church (St Michael And All Saints Church Choir)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

As part of the Sunday Mass of St Michael And All Saints Church, the choir contribute their angelic yet haunting vocals to the service. In between prayers and hymns sung by the congregation, the choir perform only a few songs surrounding the theme of the Virgin Mary. From rumbling bass to soaring sopranos, the small yet mighty choir fill the church with a sense of joy one minute, and an eerie atmosphere the next. The choir continue during the communion, delivering a holy background as the strong scent of incense fills the building and people took to their knees to say their own private prayers. Although it isn’t for everyone, even the non-religious like me can see beauty in it.

St Michael and All Saints Church, 14, 21 Aug, 11.00am (12.30pm), free, fpp221.
tw rating 3/5