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Pink Noise (FORK)

By | Published on Tuesday 9 August 2011

With disco lights flashing and the haze machine on overdrive, FORK arrive on stage looking like Finland’s Eurovision entry from 1986. They launch into a cappella cover versions, making the sounds of a full rock band with nothing more than their mouths. Their set list runs from Roxette to Lady Gaga via Madonna and Michael Jackson. It’s all camper than a Freddie Mercury tribute act, and once the audience realise it’s all completely ironic, they warm up and the show takes off. Featuring flawless vocals, this daft show is by turns hilarious and breath-taking. The highlights to watch out for are the Lionel Richie ballad, “Hello” and the medley of Heavy Metal classics. If only Eurovision was this much fun.

Assembly George Square, 3 – 28 August (not 10,17), 6.05pm (7.15pm), £11.00 – £15.00, fpp216
tw rating 4/5