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Oh, Lady Be Good (Brisbane/Sicily/London Connection: Melissa Western, Greg Gottlieb, Giovanni Cacioppo)

By | Published on Saturday 27 August 2011

When the music stops, there is the longest silence. Then Melissa Western’s voice reappears, snatching you away again, inspiring a big grin on your face. You knew she was never gone for long, yet in that silence you still missed her. Western’s voice changes from song to song: frisky and cool for bossa nova classic ‘The Girl From Ipanema’, nectar-sweet for ‘Favourite Things’. The humming of a bass guitar and double bass creates a reverberating film of background noise, over which Western, like a spider, weaves her silky intoned voice. Her improvised scat-singing doesn’t play so well with her talents, but the band’s unique interpretations will attract any passing jazz enthusiast into their web.

The Jazz Bar, 22 – 28 Aug, 2.30pm (3.20pm), £5.00 – £7.00, fpp214.
tw rating 4/5