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NoName Trio (NoName Trio)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

The addition of Iranian percussion and bass does something strange to your typical John Coltraine song. Time-changes are more fluid, musical keys more malleable, and the result is just as “wildly original” as the programme promises. Ceri Evans’ trio of musicians fill the church hall with scintillating talent, using instruments most jazz musicians have never even seen before. So with such a high standard of technical ability in the group, it was a shame that so much energy was lost during solos. Audience interaction was kept at a minimum, too: Evans sat with his back to us and was the only one who spoke. Still, it was a pleasure to see these deft hands creating such fine music.

St John’s Church, 24 – 25 Aug, 6.00pm (7.00pm), £10.00 – £12.00, fpp214.
tw rating 3/5