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Heidi Talbot And Friends

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

What an unbelievable array of talent was crammed onto a stage for this one-off performance! The spirit wrenching lilts and tender whispers of Heidi Talbot’s voice; the smooth, electrifying and intoxicating fiddle playing of John McCusker; the glowing warmth that comes with an audience stamping and singing along – this is folk at its best. The ‘Friends’ are given as much a share of the limelight as Talbot, who leaves the stage to allow for a delightfully lengthy, stunningly virtuosic folk jam session which was positively soul lifting. Talbot’s softly beguiling encore, performed after a lively foot rattler, sent shivers all over. It’s a travesty she isn’t in Edinburgh longer, she really was absolutely folking brilliant.

The Queen’s Hall, 13 Aug, 7.00pm (9.00pm), £14.00 – £16.00, fpp207.
tw rating 5/5