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By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

I’m really quite embarrassed to admit I didn’t know who Gomez were before seeing them, despite how lauded and long-standing I’ve since found out they are. And their status was evident at the show: their very committed fans stood eagerly at the front, while the band’s ease and charisma on stage was clearly the result of utmost confidence. And of course there was the brilliant music, as attested by the audience’s thunderous applause as Gomez played songs from their new album, ‘Whatever’s On Your Mind’, and older favourites. Personal highlights included ‘That Wolf’, ‘See The World’ and ‘Whippin’ Piccadilly’, and the heavy bass and lighting effects soon got everyone dancing to every song. I’m a Gomez convert now, and suitably zealous.

The Edge Festival at HMV Picture House, 23 Aug, 7.30pm (10.30pm), £17.00, fpp n/a.
tw rating 4/5